Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement FAQ

What is the Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement?

The Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement is a politically conservative right wing movement advocating awareness, preparedness, planning and prevention of the fairly likely possibility that dinosaurs will somehow reemerge from extinction and wage Darwinian war against humanity.

How can I help?

Tweet about the movement. Spread this site. Demand that politicians to stop ignoring the Dinosaur Menace.

Why is this movement only appearing in the politically conservative right wing?

Movements emerge where people are open to them. It seems to me that the liberal left has already partially been infiltrated by pro-dinosaur advocacy. Vegetarianism is clearly a pro-dinosaur movement, as it spares birds as a human food source. Birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs, and still harbor the DNA memory of their dinosaur ancestors. Animal rights advocates, such as PETA, suggest that animals can be our friends. While this is true for certain mammals and even some reptiles, birds cannot be friends. They are barely three eras removed from their blood thirsty dinosaur ancestors.

Though it is less widespread, the right wing is not immune to pro-dinosaur influence. Creationists in particular are very pro-dinosaur. Some creationists believe that dinosaurs rode peacefully on Noah’s arc in the biblical flood. This is a fallacious and odious assertion in nearly every way, so insulting to the movement that I will have to devote an entire article to it in the near future.

That said, thinkers of the conservative right wing are known for being more forward thinking and logical, so I think Conservative Dinosaur Readiness has arisen logically.


Is the Dinosaur Menace real?

Yes.  Dammit. THE DINOSAUR MENACE IS REAL. The age of Dinosaurs has happened before and it will happen again. The last time dinosaurs took over the planet, they ruled for more than 200 million years. Dinosaurs, as we classically interpret them, are presently extinct. However there are several highly likely scenarios that may allow for them to return and destroy humanity. Many of those scenarios have already been discussed on this blog.

I thought dinosaurs were mostly nice, like in The Land Before Time and Prehysteria!

During the late 80’s and 90’s everyone was lied to about dinosaurs. The liars were the main stream media. That is why the media is suspected to be a part of the political group known as “Dinosaur Sympathizers”. They are trying to get us all killed, because they think theropods are a big fun joke.


More q&a to follow.

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  6. Monsters From The ID on June 17, 2014 at 7:01 am said:

    We YEC’ers are slightly harder to the right wing than you you you right-evo-whatever people. We like you though you’re wrong. Which means that not only are we as pro-dinosaur as you or more, we are also far more inclined to actually take the threat you pose of re-emerging dinosaurs more seriously, BECAUSE!! … well, because those doggone dinosaurs (A.K.A. Dragons) are still out there, lurking in the boondocks of the earth, in places like the Congo and New Guinea and Northern Australia, terrorizing natives, killing cattle, and studying creationism too (I guess … I mean, why not?). So not only are they out there, but they must also be coming here – to kill – and they won’t be killed. So amen and watch your backs for the Rapts. Yeah.

  7. can commies join this club too

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