The Nihilist MTV Flintstones

It came to my attention through twitter the other day that an “author” for MTV News had partially lifted and severely dumbed down some content from this blog for one of those cringey GIF listicles. I’m not going to link it, because fuck their traffic, but if you follow my twitter you can find it pretty easily. The content was a couple of jokes from my archive, in particular a few about how dinosaurs don’t have feelings. The writer took out my highbrow punchlines and rephrased them (added a cat). I wouldn’t quite call it a cut and paste case of plagiarism, but it definitely qualifies as a Mencia.

This is what happens.

This hurt my feelings. How hard is it to link to my political extremism blog?

So I made a comic about it… a REVENGE comic. It is called “The Nihilist MTV Flintstones.” It is about how the Nihilists who write for MTV are unfeeling, dead-inside cavemen. Pretending not to care about anything in order to be cool in the 90’s has led the Nihilist MTV Flintstones to lose their humanity. Oh well.


nihilist flintstones


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