Reader mail, May 2015

This post was scheduled to come out after the big Chickensaurus post that I am working on, but that one isn’t done yet, so here’s reader mail for the first quarter of 2015. At least they are good letters! Be patient with me.




Tricia writes:

Just thought I’d send a “PROPS!” to you on the website.  I’ve enjoyed the blogs thus far and will be looking forward to some more time to read in the future.
Thanks a bunch. I will alert the props department of your donation.
Sharon W. writes:
Hi,I am writing to enquire about the possibility of advertising on your site.
I found your site and interested in paid post. Let me know if you are interested then I will give you more details.I can offer you best to make it worth your time.

With best regards,
Advertising manager

I replied:
Hi ‘sharon’,
The Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement is not interested in hawking ads for anything less than five figures. We are an extremist political movement, not buzzfeed. You want ads, you can get serious.
Also, I suspect you of being a dinosaur sympathizer.
She replied:
Hi,I just want to publish my affiliate page on your site so that we will get some revenue and you will get your commission.  You can earn 10% of the sale just by referring people!  That is over $50 per Course!We pay you commission on every sale that comes from your affiliate links.  (this does NOT include the ‘custom services’, so no commissions will be paid on consulting services)
You can not receive commissions on your own orders through your own affiliate link. This is a great way for YOU to make money sharing the benefits of healthy living with others! Right now we will give you US$250 for this participation and to upload the page.

This is our site for affiliation:[deleted]

Let me know then we will send to you a single page for your site.

I replied:
Are you a robot? Did you even read my email?
I’m not interested in $50, or $250.
Five figures. That is the starting price.
She replied:
Hi,I have sent to you a paid ads request few days ago, you did not reply back yet, please let me know if you are interested then I will send you more details.Regards

I replied:
Five figure offers only, Sharon.
Sharon is clearly a dinosaur sympathizer.
Dav writes:
hi editor, my name is dav or dogmoon, ur friend brenna from miami is my friend & she told me about ur rad website, i rly like the humor & critique.  u inspired me to think critically about how our culture utilizes the body of the dinosaur to disseminate ideology thru pop representation of the dinosaur.  ive written two pieces so far that i wanted to share with u, let me know what u think.thanks

-dav or dogmoon

That’s baller as hell, Dav. Send me stuff.
Meghan writes:

Love your website. Its very informative. As a new member of the conservative dinosaur readiness movement i originaly thought dinosaurs were coo! Not any longer. My eyes are open to the threat dinosaurs pose. My question is what is the movement’s stance on eating dinosaurs. Do you think its ok? After all if we eat dinosaurs in the dinosaur apocalypses the number of the scaley (or feathery) fiends will discrease right? If so do you think dinosaurs taste like chicken or turkey or cow?

There is actually a good deal of information out there regarding what they tasted like. As far as whether we SHOULD eat them, the answer is very adamantly yes. We should eat all of them. That’s what they would do to us.
See you all next time. Want to send me email? Knock yourself out.

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