Dinosaur Crime Scenes: Silence of the Majungasaurus!

Dinosaurs were committing heinous crimes during the Mesozoic; crimes so terrible that I have to cover them for the next couple of weeks on my vaguely public conservative internet blog. Welcome to the new feature Dinosaur Crime Scenes.

The Crime: Cannibalism

“A Centrosaurus once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

In news that I didn’t find surprising at all, there is evidence from a 2007 paper published in Nature that Majungasaurus, an abelisaur sort of similar to Carnotaurus, was a freaking cannibal. Many of the fossils of Majungasaurus were found with Majungasaurus feeding marks on their bones.

It seems that the only disgusting taboo that dinosaurs have not been found guilty of yet is mixing toothpaste with orange juice, and that’s only because dinosaurs never brushed their teeth (insert tiny T. Rex arms joke here).

Majungasaurus was already a nasty predator. Majungasaurus most likely weakened its prey by biting and then holding on with teeth that were designed to clutch instead of slice inward. This prey would have included medium sized sauropods like Rapetosaurus and Rob Ford.

As for the cannibalism? This behavior involved stiff competition for food, according to scientists. But I wager it probably had more to do with typical theropod self-loathing and the inherent evil within the hearts of all dinosaurs (citation needed).
How Heinous Was It?

Despite the fact that no one normal cares, scientists question whether the animals killed each other or were eating already fallen comrades. Some scientists say it is unclear whether the dinosaurs were hunting one another or just scavenging off of each others’ corpses. Contributing artist and Conservative Dinosaur Readiness Movement supporter William Moore seemed to think this was a question that mattered.

Though he claims to be a vegetarian, William said “If I had no other choice [in a wilderness survival situation]? Of course I would [scavenge off of your corpse]. Why wouldn’t I?”

Movement supporter Timmy H. commented, when asked whether he would scavenge on the corpse of a fallen comrade, “It’s certainly an interesting question.”

I immediately amended my Last Will and Testament to dictate that none of my friends were allowed to eat me if they wanted to remain in my extremist political movement. I thought most people were against cannibalism, but apparently it’s all about context now.

The Donner Party could not be reached for questioning.


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One Thought on “Dinosaur Crime Scenes: Silence of the Majungasaurus!

  1. Anton on March 27, 2014 at 9:24 pm said:

    Cannibalism is a tasty topic, lots of food for thought, stuff you can sink your teeth into, a zillion lurking puns.

    The crew of Shackleton’s frozen-in artic expedition were forced to eat their sled dogs. Each man had the honor of eating his favorite dog.

    Common sense would dictate your choice of human meat. Babies would be your first choice–sort of like veal. Avoid tobacco addicted individuals unless you like smoked meat.
    Body builders would be tough chewing. A woman’s breast probably would be tender.

    Whatever, a good cut, properly prepared and seasoned probably would taste like chicken.

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