About D!WTF?

About D!WTF?
Dinosaurs! WTF? started as a snail mail newsletter in 2012 designed to alert close friends of mine about the unpreparedness of the USA for the possibility of a dinosaur apocalypse. I found it highly irritating that no major news outlets were covering the situation and instead wasting time on zombie apocalypse, nanny state apocalypse, second coming apocalypse– all while ignoring that dinosaurs actually happened once, and they lasted for over 200 million years. So using my peak human abilities to research dinosaurs on the internet, I started the D!WTF? zine. Sadly, with a readership of 7, the zine just didn’t get the word out there to a point I was comfortable with. So I started this blog.

About Alex Friedman
You can learn about the author and find his other works <here>.

Mission Statement
Dinosaurs! What the Fuck? is a blog devoted to exposing dinosaurs for the murder oriented monstrosities they were, promoting preparations for the likelihood of their return, and outing those people who support the dinosaur agenda.

Most illustrations by William Moore. Visit his comic at http://uptomynipples.com/.

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